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What is Pelvic Physical Therapy?

Your pelvis is the foundation of your body. It joins your legs and spine and creates the base for all movement. Because your pelvis is so integral in functional movement, it is at a higher risk of compensations when you have pain, injury, or a drastic life change. Without a strong and coordinated pelvic floor, you are at a much higher risk for a variety of pain and dysfunction. 


As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we are experts in muscles, joints, and neuromuscular control. The pelvic floor itself is made up of 14 different muscles, and coordinates with dozens of other muscles throughout the legs, hips, back, and abdomen. We are specially trained and certified to not only identify areas of concern, but create a plan of care, and work with you throughout your individualized treatment program to help you achieve the lifestyle you desire. 

What makes us different?

We specialize exclusively in pelvic health and related disorders. Our patients commonly have been to multiple doctors and other therapists before finding answers and relief with us.


  • We provide 1-on-1, hour long sessions with specially trained, pelvic expert  physical therapists. 


  • We search for the underlying cause of your pain and pelvic health issues vs. just treating the symptoms for a day or two. 


  • We employ a whole-body approach, looking outside the pelvic floor to find all associated issues and addressing each one to give you lasting relief.


  • We create unique, individually tailored treatment plans to focus on your issues, your goals, and your body.

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